find vulnerabilities

Find vulnerabilities, code violations and hotspot

Our tools automatically identify issues before it impacts production. Get notified on security vulnerabilities, code violations, code duplicates (and more!) in every commit and pull request. We also detect hotspots in your code, showing code paths with high levels of technical debt.

Monitor trends in your code base

Software changes constantly. Adding new features, fixing bugs, integrating new services: this is what developers do every day. While making changes, they introduce complexity or semantic errors, resulting in bugs or serious vulnerabilities. Our tools monitor your codebase to provide clear, actionable metrics before issues get too hard to fix.

monitor trend in code base
find vulnerabilities

Continuous Integration

We provide APIs to integrates with your workflows. Analysis can be triggered by most popular continuous integration tools, such as travis-ci, gitlab or jenkins.

Code Inspector can also automatically trigger analysis from repositories hosted on github or bitbucket. (coming soon).


Integration with Bitbucket, Github and Gitlab

Our platform easily integrates with bitbucket, github and gitlab: all you need to analyze your repositories is to link your account with code-inspector, select them when you add a repository and let your analyzers do the rest!

Source Code Overview

Gives you a clear overview of bottlenecks in your source code and a report to manage and payback your technical debt

  1. Technical debt repayment plan that helps you prioritize bugfixes in your codebase
  2. Dashboard with evolution of the quality of your project over time
  3. Comparison with industry standards: how your project compares to well-known, quality software?
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10% Complete
10% Complete


  • Public + Private repositories
  • Single user
  • 5 projects
  • 100Kslocs
  • Community support


  • Public + Private repositories
  • 10 users per projects
  • 10 projects
  • 300Kslocs
  • Official support


  • Public + Private repositories
  • 100 users per projects
  • 50 projects
  • 1M slocs
  • Official support