Code-Inspector's Security

Last revised on August 3rd, 2019


XCoding Labs, LLC ("We" or "Us") own the platform that perform analysis. We do not own or claim any ownership of the source code sent to our platform.

We do not keep the source code on our servers. Only the results of our analysis are kept.

User passwords are being encrypted and never kept in clear on our servers at any moment.

If you have any question regarding this security policy, please contact us at

Source Code Security

Source code is being automatically deleted after analysis. No user artifact is kept on our server.

We embrace of the least privilege and use only the minimum number of privileges to perform an analysis.


Our system are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Credentials are shared only among XCoding Labs, LLC developers.

Backups are managed by AWS services. No data is stored outside of AWS for normal operations.

Reporting a security issues

Security is very important to us and if an issue is found, we will take responsibility and fix it. If you find a potential vulnerability or have any question, please contact us at